A nice looking comfortable watch that works hard for a place on your wrist.

For a few years it seemed that the wrist watch was a thing of the past, after all your mobile phone then later your smartphone always had the right time on it. In the last few years though I and many others have started using these fitness band type devices. This one really works hard for the right to occupy space on your wrist. No only does it measure your steps and various other forms of exercise, it also measures your your hear rate, blood pressure and even Blood Oxygen level. Like my previous activity watch its blood pressure function is not accurate when compared with a compression cuff as it measure about 10 over on systolic and 10 under on diastolic, this is still quite useful though.

The screens are easy to work through and understand, the watch always responds to taps, swipes and long presses as it should.

The companion Da Fit app is the best I have used so far with easy access to extra data for each measurement. The app does come set to metric for measurement and Celsius for temperate which seem odd defaults for the English language but both are easy to change to British units.

I always find the sleep monitoring of interest and this watch is particularly good at that.


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